Kingstone Insurance Announces Innovative Zojacks Partnership to Mitigate Water Damage Risks
Kingstone Insurance Announces Innovative Zojacks Partnership to Mitigate Water Damage Risks

KINGSTON, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 25, 2024 / Kingstone Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Kingstone Companies, Inc. (Nasdaq:KINS), a Northeast regional property and casualty insurance holding company, today announced that it has partnered with Zojacks, a pioneering technology company specializing in water leak detection solutions. The partnership aims to offer enhanced protection to Kingstone policyholders, providing a solution to help them protect their homes and reduce the risks associated with heavy water claims.

Zojacks offers innovative technology that can monitor temperature and provide water leak detection that will shut off the main water supply to the house, giving policyholders peace of mind when they are away. Through this partnership, Kingstone policyholders can take advantage of economical product packages offered by Zojacks and can also qualify for discounts on insurance policies when Zojacks technology is installed in their homes.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Zojacks as part of our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions to our valued policyholders,” said Merrill Golden, CEO of Kingstone Companies, Inc. “By using Zojacks advanced technology, we can significantly reduce the risks of water damage, offering our customers greater peace of mind.”

Under the partnership agreement, Zojacks will oversee the implementation process while Kingstone will provide benefits to its policyholders. This joint strategy will ensure fast and efficient deployment of water leak detection systems to eligible policyholders, streamlining the process and maximizing benefits, thereby ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Zojacks flood detection system is designed to be user friendly and the installation process is hassle free with Zojacks providing installation services. In addition, homeowners will receive guidance on how to use the solution through a dedicated mobile app that will facilitate easy monitoring and management of potential water leaks.

“We are proud to join forces with Kingstone to help protect their policyholders from the devastating effects of water damage,” said Nate Baldry, president and founder of Zojacks. “Our easy-to-use solution provides effective leak detection and ongoing protection for homeowners.”

About Kingstone Companies, Inc.

Kingstone is a northeast regional property and casualty insurance holding company whose primary subsidiary is Kingstone Insurance Company (“KICO”). KICO is a New York based carrier writing business through retail and wholesale agents and brokers. KICO actively writes personal lines and commercial auto insurance in New York. Kingstone is also licensed in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Maine.

About ZoJacks, Inc.

ZoJacks, a North American insurance company, specializes in flood prevention for both residential and commercial properties. Their primary goal is to minimize water claims and flood risks by partnering with insurance providers, particularly targeting high-risk demographics. Additionally, they collaborate directly with ownership and management groups to reduce the likelihood of unexpected water claim incidents. Their technology focuses on detecting leaks and extreme temperatures, automatically shutting off the water to prevent damage. Homeowners are notified immediately via a professional monitoring service and can remotely view and control water flow to the home via a mobile app. ZoJacks systems work with cellular connections and battery backups for continuous communication, even during power outages. Trusted across North America, ZoJacks technology is recognized for its reliability. For more information on Zojacks technology and partnerships, visit


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