Dubai ArbitrageScanner Crypto Event: Review, Best Cryptocurrency Trading Tools
Dubai ArbitrageScanner Crypto Event: Review, Best Cryptocurrency Trading Tools

In April, the ArbitrageScanner team invites all traders who are looking for advanced blockchain analysis and profitable cryptocurrency arbitrage solutions! Mark your calendars for April when will be hosting a prestigious private event in the luxurious surroundings of Dubai.

As early as April, you can join one of the most popular side events in the world from ArbitrageScanner – the best cryptocurrency arbitrage and on-chain analysis tools. Now the service is the best among its competitors, and hundreds of positive reviews from its customers only prove it. Last year, the team organized 3 major events in Dubai, Istanbul and Bangkok, where crypto whales from all over the world, ArbitrageScanner customers and other Web3 industry influencers gathered.

The main objective of the event is to bring together the largest congregation of market leaders and delve into the most pressing topics, including practical insights and strategies for financial gain. This exclusive side event is reserved solely for ArbitrageScanner clients, leaders of multi-billion dollar crypto businesses, traders boasting over $5 million in capital, and other prominent industry figures. As seating is limited, early subscription to the service and ticket reservation is strongly recommended to secure your place at this prestigious gathering.

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ArbitrageScanner Event: Here’s What Makes It Important For Traders!

  • The ArbitrageScanner event promises an unparalleled opportunity to interact with industry luminaries, gathering insights on cutting-edge market strategies from seasoned service clients who consistently reap significant profits.
  • Joining this event means immersing yourself in a powerful community, making invaluable connections and learning practical wisdom from top traders and insiders. Dive deep into lucrative case studies, including those using blockchain analytics, as both the service team and clients reveal invaluable knowledge to help you navigate the market with precision, identify and capitalize on profitable portfolios.
  • Get ready for two days of intensive communication in a relaxed atmosphere. Engage in lively discussions on current market trends while relaxing in the opulent surroundings of one of Dubai’s grandest villas, enjoying refreshments and hookah.
  • Gain deep insight into the most pressing topics in crypto, from mastering cryptocurrency arbitrage and exploiting blockchain anomalies to researching promising investment projects and implementing effective promotional strategies for 2024 and beyond.
  • By participating, you will seamlessly integrate into ArbitrageScanner’s dynamic community, equipped with state-of-the-art market tools and with access to future global events, ensuring your continued success in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency trading landscape.

How can you attend the ArbitrageScanner event in Dubai?

To get free entry to the event (on the second day of the event), you must register on the website and fill out an application form. The number of places is limited, so please apply in advance. To guarantee a seat at the event, you must purchase an ArbitrageScanner subscription.

Buy a ticket and find out more about the event:

Write to support if you have any questions:

If you would like to attend the two day event (April 17th and 18th), we recommend booking Business Plan (or higher). This is the most cost effective option as you will get full access and be able to participate in the networking party, keynote discussions with crypto leaders and the final after party). The price of the VIP ticket is $200 (prices will rise closer to the event) and the benefit of the knowledge gained will be many times greater.

If you are a representative of media industry (media, influencers), entrance is free. To receive a ticket, you must contact the ArbitrageScanner team to confirm your request. You must post a video or article about our event. A big advantage for you is that you can put an affiliate link on ArbitrageScanner and earn 50% of every purchase.

ArbitrageScanner events are always highly advertised and people from all over the world want to attend. For example, last year they had over +1000 people at their side events that were held as part of major conferences.

ArbitrageScanner event in Bangkok:

ArbitrageScanner Cases & Reviews: Find out what customers have to say

ArbitrageScanner is now the leader in blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency arbitrage tools. If you do research on the project, you can find many positive reviews of ArbitrageScanner tools on the Internet:

  • Customers emphasize the wide functional tools for portfolio analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage
  • Ability for arbitrage between spot + futures, futures + futures. How it works? You buy on the spot trade, short on another exchange, capture the difference in arbitrage 2-3%, compare the prices and in parallel receive a percentage of the financing. Customers of the service earn from 5-50% per month on the capital. It is a cool tool for good profit.
  • Training and case studies which you receive as soon as you subscribe to the program.
  • Closed customer chatwhere you can get inside information on coins, wallets and start earning right away
  • The ability to reimburse the cost of the bot with the help of ArbitrageScanner Affiliate Program, which multiplies your profit by 2 because you earn using tools and by promoting your referral link where you get 50% of every sale. For example, if someone buys a bot subscription for 200 USD, you will immediately receive 100 USD in your account. You can withdraw money at any time without limits and commissions. You can also find more information about the referral program on the website:
  • ArbitrageScanner’s WhiteLabel will be of interest to anyone who has ever thought of starting their own business. You can purchase ready-made IT solutions of the product to immediately implement them in your turnkey business. The price is from $19999$ for months of your saved time and effort that you would spend to create such a service.

The project team often shares their clients’ cases so you can repeat the same strategies and increase your profits. In the ArbitrageScanner Telegram channel or blog, you can now learn how to earn +300% in a few months by tracking a Tier-3 fund portfolio. Or how to earn +$9000 on Meme coin in 1 day also using ArbitrageScanner wallet analysis tools. Once you subscribe, the team will send you a set of working cases as well as detailed training on how to use each tool so that you can pay off your service subscription within the first few days.

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about arbitrage, the ArbitrageScanner team will help you take your first steps in blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. With the purchase of a subscription, you will receive free training and practical cases to work on, as well as the opportunity to work with a personal mentor (starting with a Platinum subscription). So buy a subscription or try the 1 day trial:

At the event, you will receive insider information from market practitioners that you can immediately apply to your arbitrage or portfolio research/analysis.

Advantages of

  • io stands out as the best arbitrage tracking solution, with tracking distributed across various blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, and more. with support for over 60 exchanges worldwideboth international and domestic, offers comprehensive coverage for traders in every region.
  • Further distinguishing itself, is the only platform that tracks important aspects such as blockchain lifetime, network matchability, and coin withdrawal capability. Its emphasis on security is remarkable; being a manual bot, it works without requiring API requests, ensuring that users’ funds remain inaccessible.
  • To keep users informed in real time, transaction notifications are sent every 2 seconds, ensuring they stay abreast of stock market fluctuations. The platform is available through both a real-time web version and a notification-equipped version of Telegram.
  • In addition, offers arbitrage screening, identifying profitable opportunities between exchanges and notifying users of potential profits of up to 80% per day without requiring a token purchase. The Arbitration Notice the feature provides a unique advantage by allowing users to access news before it reaches the wider media, thereby benefiting from early insights.
  • In addition, the platform provides access to Arbitrage portfolios, facilitating mass portfolio searches and analyses. Using AI technology, users can find any wallet, regardless of the time of its creation. For those who choose the Platinum plan and above, a personal curator is available to help customize the bot and answer any queries.

This is the best tool for making money, you just see who and how they make money on the blockchain for specific coins, you can subscribe to these wallets, analyze them and follow them: for example, the biggest funds, market makers, market insiders persons, etc. It is currently the best money-making tool on the market, surpassing all its competitors: Nansen, Debank, Arkham and others.

  • As part of its commitment to customer success, offers free training and practical casesalong with access to an exclusive community of customers for additional support and insights.

How to make money on ArbitrageScanner with arbitrage tools, blockchain analysis and many other topics you can discuss on Arbitrage Scanner side event. Work with the best trading tools from

April 17-18, Dubai

The upcoming ArbitrageScanner event promises to be exclusive: a limited number of seats have been carefully designed to ensure optimal comfort for all attendees in a luxury villa. To ensure your presence among the luminaries of the industry, you must reserve your seats well in advance. For this purpose, we recommend you to subscribe to the service and get access not only to the event, but also to the best products for blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. Don’t delay – use the ArbitrageScanner tools, reserve your seat now and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to network with industry leaders!

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