Timeline of events from the night Riley Strain disappeared in Nashville to the discovery of his body in the Cumberland River
Timeline of events from the night Riley Strain disappeared in Nashville to the discovery of his body in the Cumberland River

Investigators found the body of Riley strain, a 22-year-old University of Missouri student who disappeared March 8 after drinking with his fraternity brothers downtown. During the investigation, the Metro Nashville Police Department released several videos showing Strain walking alone. Here is a schedule of events at night when the strain disappeared and the announcement that his the body was found in the Cumberland River.

21:35 The Bridge of Luke 32

Stamm and his friends were in town for the weekend and stayed at a downtown hotel. On March 8, they went to Luke’s 32 Bridge, a bar owned by musician Luke Bryan.

Strain was escorted out of the bar at 9:35 p.m., according to a joint statement from the bar’s management company and Bryan. They said the decision to ask Strain to leave was made “based on our standards of conduct.”

The Tennessee Liquor Commission has announced it will investigate allegations that the strain was over-served at the bar. Bar records show he ordered one alcoholic drink and two waters, according to the statement.

21:47 gay street

Nashville police released video showing Strain crossing Gay Street around 9:47 p.m. after leaving the bar. According to Google Maps, the street is about a 16-minute walk from Luke 32 Bridge.

According to Google Maps, Gay Street in Nashville is about a 16-minute walk from the Luke 32 Bridge.

Google Maps

Body cam footage shows Strain on Gay Street

Officer Reginald Young was on Gay Street responding to a vehicle burglary call and his body-worn camera captured Strain walking down the sidewalk. Strain is not visibly bothered, and he and Young exchange a brief greeting.

The tension appears in the bodycam footage around the 14-second mark. Young was on that street for about 45 minutes.

21:52 last sighting on Gay Street

Strain was last seen on Gay Street at 9:52 p.m. “No video has been found showing Riley away from Gay St. after the 9:52 p.m. time frame,” the police department wrote on social media.

Detectives on the scene and the police helicopter searched the area, but Strain was not seen.

Around 1:35 in the morning

One of Strain’s friends reported him missing about four hours after being escorted off the bridge of Luke 32.

A friend on the trip, identified only by his first name, Braden, told CBS affiliate WTVF that he tried to find Stein after he left the bar on March 8. Braden also used Snapchat’s location feature to try to find Stein, but was unsuccessful, he said.

Calls made to Strain’s cell phone went to voicemail after he disappeared, and investigators said Strain’s phone last pinged near a cell tower less than two miles from the Luke 32 Bridge.

Consequences of Strain extinction

After hearing their son was missing, Strain’s parents drove from Springfield, Missouri, to Nashville. His mother, Michelle Whiteid, said she and her son usually talk every day.

“I just need to know where my son is,” Whitehead told WTVF. “We talk every day, several times a day, it’s the longest I’ve gone without talking to him. It’s devastating – I just want to find him and hug him.”

Nashville police started rolling out updates for their investigation, sharing the video of Strain crossing the street on Tuesday, March 12.

Strain’s debit card was found Sunday, March 17, on an embankment on the Cumberland River near where he was last seen more than a week ago. Nashville police shared that information, as well as footage from Young’s body camera, on Monday, March 18.

Strain’s body was found in the Cumberland River

On Friday, March 22, the police announced on social networks that Strain’s body was pulled from the Cumberland River in West Nashville.

“No foul play-related injury observed. Autopsy pending,” they wrote.

After his a debit card was found along the river, the investigators were focused on local waterways, using helicopter boats and ground crews. They expanded their search from the central part of the river to Cheatham Dam, about 40 miles from downtown.

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