The suspect destroyed two cars while speeding in the past year
The suspect destroyed two cars while speeding in the past year

By Mackenzie Tatanani for Dailymail.Com

19:09 24 March 2024, updated 22:14 24 March 2024

  • Chase David Jones, 18, was charged in connection with the horrific three-car pileup
  • He allegedly ran a red light and hit 38-year-old Andrea Hudson at an intersection while she was carrying five children in her van
  • Hudson and three of the children, identified as Eloise and Matilda Wilcoxson, ages 12 and 13, and Buster Brown, 12, died instantly

A Washington teenager is accused of killing three children and a woman in a horrific multi-car crash – marking his third speeding crash in the past year.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office charged 18-year-old Chase Jones with four counts of vehicular homicide, two counts of vehicular assault and one count of reckless driving after Tuesday’s crash.

Jones was allegedly traveling 112 mph when he collided with a van near the intersection of South 192nd Street and 140th Avenue South in Renton, causing a three-car pileup.

The victims have been identified as sisters Eloise and Matilda Wilcoxon, 12 and 13; Buster Brown, 12; and Andrea Hudson, 38.

“When you drive, think about the people around you,” said the girls’ father, Chase Wilcoxon, in a desperate plea published in the Seattle Times.

“When you’re tempted to speed, think of Andrea. When you’re tempted to pick up your phone while driving, think of my beautiful girls Matilda and Eloise. When you’re trying to make the light, remember Buster Brown.

Andrea Hudson, 38, was traveling with five children, including two of her own, when another car ran a red light at an intersection, hitting her van and killing her instantly
The victims included sisters Eloise and Matilda Wilcoxon, 12 and 13, who are survived by their parents and four other siblings
Also killed in the accident was 12-year-old Buster Brown, who was described as an ‘exemplary son, brother and friend’
Chase David Jones, 18, has been charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and reckless driving in connection with Tuesday’s crash. He is said to have been traveling at 112mph when he ‘clipped’ Hudson’s car

All four victims died of “multiple blunt force injuries,” according to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office

Hudson’s children, Nolan and Charlotte, who were also in the van, suffered brain hemorrhage, internal injuries and broken bones and were taken to Harborview Medical Center.

As of Friday, Nolan was in critical condition, while Charlotte was in serious condition in the intensive care unit, according to spokeswoman Susan Gregg.

An adult from the third car that was hit in the collision suffered minor injuries.

Jones was treated for an internal injury that required surgery, as well as a fractured leg and ribs. He has since been released.

The teenager’s 2015 Audi A4 was bought just a month before the fatal collision. According to court documents, this is the third vehicle Jones has killed in a speeding crash in the past 11 months.

Hudson, who ran a home-schooling group, was driving the three children home Tuesday afternoon when she crossed the intersection and was struck by Jones, according to court documents.

The teenager was driving erratically, speeding and “cutting around other traffic”. His car records show he was traveling at 112mph when he ran a red light at the intersection “full throttle with no brakes”.

According to court documents, Tuesday’s multi-car pileup was the third speeding crash Jones has been involved in in the past 11 months
Hudson is survived by her husband, Abe, and three children. Two of her children, Nolan, 14, and Charlotte, 12, were in the van at the time of the crash and suffered serious injuries
The Wilcoxson sisters were described by their mother as ‘inseparable’
Jones’ 2015 Audi A4 was purchased just a month before the collision

Prosecutors described the encounter as “incredibly brutal”, noting that all four victims died instantly.

Matilda and Eloise Wilcoxon are survived by four siblings with a baby sister on the way.

Speaking to the Seattle Times, Rivka Mikkelsen Wilcoxon described her daughters as “inseparable.”

“I can’t talk about it in the past tense because I know they’re still around,” she said. “The only consolation is that I know they would love to be together.”

The grieving mother shared a selfie of the trio on Facebook, writing: “It has been the great privilege of my life to be a mother to these beautiful girls.”

The sisters were close friends with Buster Brown, whose father, Jayron Brown, described him as “the sweetest kid.”

Buster is survived by his parents and four siblings. His uncle, Derek Brown, set up a GoFundMe on behalf of the heartbroken family.

“Four wonderful people were taken from the world in a flash and we grieve for all the families affected by this tragedy,” the man wrote.

He described the little boy as an “exemplary son, brother and friend”, praising his talent in music, sports and academics.

“His passion for life, learning and taking on new challenges was infectious to all who were lucky enough to spend time with him. His family and friends will long mourn the hole his absence will undoubtedly leave in their lives,” Buster’s uncle wrote.

Hudson is survived by her husband Abe and children Nolan, 14, Charlotte, 12, and Jude, 8.

The family is accepting donations on GoFundMe for the children’s hospital bills and for Andrea’s funeral.

Hudson led a homeschooling group and drove the three children (pictured: memorial honoring the victims of the deadly crash)
All four victims died instantly when Jones crashed Hudson’s van, prosecutors said, describing the crash as “incredibly violent.”
If the total number of deaths exceeds 825, 2023 will become the year with the highest number of deaths in Washington state since 1981.

All four victims participated in the Renton School District’s HOME program, an alternative education system. The district plans to have grief counselors on site for other students.

The crash is the first crash at the intersection this year, after two in 2023, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission reported 809 deaths statewide in 2023 and continues to accumulate data.

If the total number of deaths exceeds 825, it will become the year with the highest number of road deaths since 1981.

“When you look at homicide cases, the most random types of homicides are vehicular homicides, not only in King County, but throughout the state of Washington,” Casey McNertney of the King County Prosecutor’s Office told KIRO 7.

“Reckless driving is one of the charges that were laid. And it is important to face the court.

He added that the prosecutor’s office created a crime-trafficking unit last year in response to the increase in cases.

Jones will be held on $1 million bail. His arraignment is scheduled for next month.

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