Missing college student Riley Strain’s body found in Nashville’s Cumberland River: Latest updates
Missing college student Riley Strain’s body found in Nashville’s Cumberland River: Latest updates

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The body of missing college student Riley Strain has been found in a Nashville river two weeks after he was last seen alive.

The Nashville Metropolitan Police Department confirmed Friday that the student’s body was pulled from the Cumberland River in West Nashville earlier this morning, about eight miles from downtown.

Police said there were no signs of foul play, although an autopsy is pending.

The 22-year-old University of Missouri student Strain was partying with his fraternity brothers in Nashville the night of March 8 when he was kicked out of a bar. He has not been seen or heard from since.

Strain’s bank card was found a week later near the river bank.

The tragic discovery comes after Strain’s stepfather Chris Whiteid and family friend Chris Dingman told NewsNation that police have shown the family new footage of what is believed to be his last known movement.

In the video, Strain is seen running near the river — and away from the direction of his hotel, the family said.


Riley Strain’s body was still in his signature shirt

Riley Strain was still wearing his signature shirt when his body was pulled from the river, police said.

The night he was last seen in downtown Nashville, Strain was wearing a monochrome shirt.

After his disappearance, there were reports that a homeless man had found a shirt matching the description near the river bank and was later seen wearing it.

But at a news conference Friday morning, police said Strain was still wearing his shirt and watch — and that those items helped identify him.

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There are no signs of foul play

Police said the medical examiner examined the body and confirmed it belonged to Riley Strain.

But as it stands, there are no signs of foul play.

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The body was spotted by a worker

At a press briefing, police said a worker spotted a body in the river at around 7.28am this morning.

The worker was retrieving an object from the river when the body surfaced, police said.

The Nashville Fire Department was called to the scene and pulled the body from the water.

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FULL STORY: Body of missing Missouri student Riley Strain found in Nashville river

Police have found the body of missing University of Missouri student Riley Strain in West Nashville after he disappeared two weeks ago.

Mr. Strain’s body was pulled from the Cumberland River, about 8 miles from downtown Nashville.

Police said initial analysis of Mr. Strain’s body showed no evidence of foul play and that an autopsy was pending.

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A view of the dam where the police are searching for Riley Strain

Police searched Cheatham Dam in hopes of finding Riley Strain on Wednesday.

Local news broadcaster WKRN was on the scene during the search and shared a short clip showing the dam where the search was focused.

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The tragic case of Riley Strain and the TikTok detectives who tried to find him

Riley Strain’s body was found after an excruciating search involving both traditional law enforcement and self-styled social media sleuths. Strain’s family and friends have largely applauded their efforts — but are online sleuths helping or hindering such efforts? Andrea Cavalier reports

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The current in the Cumberland River was “very fast” the day the Riley strain disappeared, Cajun Navy director said

David Flagg, director of the United Cajun Navy, a disaster relief and search and rescue group volunteering to search for Riley Strain, told local reporters that the current in the Cumberland River was moving fast the day the student was fell down

“Somehow Riley may have fallen into the river and been swept away,” Mr. Flagg told WTVF the day before Mr. Strain’s body was found. “The current was very, very fast the day he went missing.”

Police searched Cheatham Dam yesterday for any sign of Mr Strain but found no evidence of the student.

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The Disappearance of Missouri College Student Riley Strain: A Timeline

The following is a timeline of Riley Strain’s disappearance.

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Nashville city councilman says he’ll work to make sure Riley Strain’s death ‘wasn’t in vain’

A Nashville City Council member representing downtown said he plans to secure the area of ​​the river where Riley Strain is believed to have slipped into the water.

He issued a statement on Friday after news broke that Mr Strain’s body had been found in the river.

“My heart goes out to Riley’s family and friends,” said Ward 19 City Councilman Jacob Cupin. “Since his disappearance, I have been actively working on steps to secure the area of ​​the river where he probably fell. We will continue these efforts to ensure that his death was not in vain.”

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Nashville mayor: ‘Watch out for each other’

Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell urged residents and visitors to be careful and stay away from each other in the city following the death of Riley Strain.

“I think it’s an important reminder for everyone to look out for each other as well,” Mr O’Connell said at a meeting on Friday morning. “You know, I think part of it is just about how we as a city take care of each other as neighbors and as people interacting in the entertainment district.”

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