Miguel Rojas on Jazz Chisholm Criticism – ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’
Miguel Rojas on Jazz Chisholm Criticism – ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’

Miguel Rojas admitted he was bothered by recent criticism from former teammate Jazz Chisholm Jr., saying “you don’t even know me” and suggesting the Miami Marlins star needs to “respect everyone” in the clubhouse.

Rojas, in an appearance Tuesday on “The Chris Rose Rotation” podcast.respond to explosive comments which Chisholm did on another podcast last week.

Rojas and Chisholm were Marlins teammates for parts of three seasons from 2020 to 2022, which were Chisholm’s first three years in the major leagues. During an appearance on “The Pivot” podcast, Chisholm referred to that period as “the worst three years of my life” and took several shots at an unidentified “captain” of the team, an apparent reference to Rojas, who was the Marlins’ de facto captain. at this time.

“You can’t be a team leader when you’ve got guys who’ve been at the club for nine or 10 years, even though they’re lousy,” Chisholm said. “They’ve been there for nine or 10 years and the team calls them team captain. But they’re not a good captain, they’re not a good person, you’re not even a good athlete at this point. you’re just out here tearing down the young guys who are supposed to be good.”

Rojas spent parts of eight seasons with the Marlins before being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers last year. The veteran said Tuesday that Chisholm is “entitled” to his opinion about his playing ability, but bristled at the apparent attack on his character.

“Whatever you want to say about me as a player, you can have that opinion,” Rojas said. “But you saying I’m a bad person when you don’t even know me is what bothers me.”

Rojas also disapproved of Chisholm’s disclosure of information he said should have stayed with the club.

“I don’t expect everybody to like me and I don’t like everybody,” Rojas said. “But that doesn’t mean I can go there and tell everyone what’s going on at the club. As a professional, you have to understand that you have to respect everyone who is in the club… When you get to a place and you get to a new place, there are people there who have been there before you. There are rules and someone will hold you accountable.”

Chisholm, 26, also accused Rojas of going behind his back to criticize him to then-manager Don Mattingly, and recounted an incident when multiple veteran players berated a Marlins rookie for imitating Juan’s “Soto Shuffle” Soto after hitting his first home run in the majors.

Rojas, 35, confirm that the exchange has taken place and revealed that the rookie at the time was outfielder Jesus Sanchez, though he said he was not personally involved in the discussion.

“Do whatever you want, we’re just telling you [Sanchez] it will be better if you just mind your own business and be yourself and focus on what you need to focus on, which is playing baseball and performing,” Rojas said.

Rojas, entering his second season with the Dodgers, is a career .257 hitter over parts of 10 seasons in the majors. He started last season as the Dodgers’ starter and is slated to be a utility player off the bench for Los Angeles this year.

Chisholm has battled injuries over his three-plus seasons in the majors and has played in just 157 games over the past two seasons. He hit .250 with 19 homers and 22 stolen bases in 97 games last season.

The Marlins and Dodgers will play six games against each other this season – a three-game series in Los Angeles beginning May 6 and a three-game series in Miami beginning September 17.

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