Julian Edelman, Matthew Slater Reject Bill Belichick’s ‘Dynasty’ Portrait
Julian Edelman, Matthew Slater Reject Bill Belichick’s ‘Dynasty’ Portrait

BOSTON — You can add Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater as key members of the Patriots’ anti-Dynasty dynasty.

The recently retired special teams ace joined Edelman’s “Games With Names” podcast, and it didn’t take long for the 10-part Apple TV+ docuseries to appear. Both Edelman and Slater expressed some displeasure with the way head coach Bill Belichick was portrayed in the series.

“Honestly, I think if you’re 30 years old and you’ve played football, I don’t think you’ve ever liked your football coach. loved him. But you didn’t like your football coach,” Edelman said. “Just like I didn’t like my parents when they made me do things they knew would make me a better person. I didn’t like doing it, we didn’t like doing it, the work is not easy, doing the little s— to prepare, doing directions for directions for directions, I hated it. I was angry about it all the time. But we needed it. And so you went into every single game knowing that you beat this team and you had a chance to win. Every single game.”

“About you,” replied Slater, “there may have been times when many of us did not like the coach. But we have always loved and respected him. There is no doubt about that. We always knew he was pushing us to be the best version of ourselves – just like our parents would.”

Edelman also took issue with Wes Welker’s description of Aaron Hernandez getting away with behavior in practice without being reprimanded by Belichick.

“Welker here saying Aaron Hernandez got away with murder — figuratively speaking — at practice? That’s not even true!” Edelman said. “Welker painted the picture as [Hernandez] he was like the king, as if he had to do everything. I remember Bill, my mother—– Aaron all the time. Come on, Welk! I try to make up stories. We know you don’t like Bill. … I love [Welker]too! But you can clearly tell he hates Bill.”

Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Matthew Slater

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Despite being the Patriots’ all-time leader in postseason receptions and receiving yards (and ranking third in NFL history in both categories), Edelman doesn’t appear too much in documentaries. Slater I did get more screen time, incl he said belichick is a hypocrite to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president after advising players generally not to comment on anything unrelated to football.

“I know there are some comments that I made in there that made it seem like Bill was just this very demanding presence — and he was. But I also want people to see that there are many sides to Bill, right?” Slater said. “And it’s hard because I feel like he’s been portrayed in a certain light. And we paint a picture, but we only show people part of the picture. With Coach it’s very complicated. And there are things that you know were hard and I’m sure we all feel like, “Hey, maybe we wish we had done things that way.” But let’s make sure that none of us forget the fact that don’t even talk about the dynasty without Bill Belichick. And the things he did were deliberate and purposeful, and I think he brought out the best in all of us.”

Last week, Devin McCourty and Rodney Harrison expressed their displeasure with the way the series turned out, with McCurty says he feels “cheated” by the production team. Patriots owner Robert Kraft said Tuesday that he was “frustrated” by documentaries’ strong focus on controversy and “challenging moments”.

One person who hasn’t gotten involved — and certainly never will — is Belichick himself. But the fact that several of his former players have already tried to set the public record straight after seeing this streak shows that many of them still hold their former coach in the highest regard.

Just maybe not Wes Welker.

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