American Integrity introduces ValueGuard Property Insurance
American Integrity introduces ValueGuard Property Insurance

TAMPA, FL, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — American Integrity, a leading provider of property insurance solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of ValueGuard Property Insurance, a new product designed to offer Florida residents essential protection for their homes at a more affordable price. Recognizing the unique needs of Florida homeowners, ValueGuard provides basic coverage that allows homeowners the option to continue with much-needed insurance coverage.

ValueGuard Property Insurance is specifically tailored to meet the basic insurance needs of Florida residents offering cover for essential risks such as fire and storm. By focusing on these key perils, ValueGuard allows homeowners to protect their properties against common threats without having to self-insure.

Key features of ValueGuard Property Insurance include:

  1. More affordable premiums: ValueGuard is more affordable to ensure homeowners have access to essential insurance coverage without facing financial strain.
  2. Key Peril Coverage: ValueGuard provides protection against key risks including fire and storm (including hurricanes), offering peace of mind on Florida home owners.
  3. Flexible coverage options: Homeowners have the flexibility to customize their ValueGuard policies with optional add-ons to enhance coverage according to their individual needs and preferences. This includes an optional permit for flood insurance.
  4. Dedicated Customer Support: American Integrity’s experienced agents are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support to policyholders, offering guidance and assistance every step of the way.
  5. Streamlined Claims Process: In the event of a covered loss, ValueGuard policyholders can expect a fast and efficient claims process, ensuring timely resolution and minimal disruption.
  6. Backed by a financially sound company: American Integrity recently celebrated its 17th year of service Florida property insurance customers. The company has a surplus of insured persons of more than 113 million dollarsis reinsured to handle a multi-year storm season and has an “A” (Outstanding) Financial Stability® rating from Demotech, Inc.

“We understand the importance of affordable insurance protection for Florida homeowners, especially in the face of common risks like hurricanes and wildfires,” said Bob Ritchie, CEO of American Integrity. “With ValueGuard Property Insurance, we provide essential coverage at a price that fits our customers’ budgets, allowing them to protect their homes with confidence.”

ValueGuard Property Coverage provides coverage for wind and fire losses, with the option to purchase contents and liability coverage. American Integrity also offers mandatory arbitration support that can be added to their policy for additional savings. Customers who pair the endorsement with ValueGuard Property Coverage will enjoy savings of 30-45% compared to a traditional home insurance policy.

Florida lawmakers recently passed historic legislation that begins to address the abusive litigation that has caused home insurance rates to skyrocket,” Ritchie said. “This legislation begins to flatten the trajectory of rate increases, but we’re launching ValueGuard Property Insurance to help bring rate relief to consumers in our state as quickly as possible.”

Sunshine State residents interested in learning more about ValueGuard Property Coverage can visit, click the Find An Agent button and find the contact information for an American Integrity Insurance agent near them.

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American Integrity Insurance, the fifth largest Florida home insurer, has 300,000 customers and is represented by more than 1,000 independent agents. The Tampabased company offers solid, comprehensive and innovative property insurance solutions, including binding arbitration, Integrity Select, traditional home insurance and vacant home coverage, Integrity Select owner-occupied older home coverage, condominiums, manufactured homes , residential fire, golf cart , X-Wind policies, cyber coverage and watercraft coverage.

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